SeroTalk Podcast 101: That Big Archive Folder in the Sky

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 101: That Big Archive Folder in the Sky

This week, Buddy Brannan joins Jamie Pauls and Ricky Enger to discuss the top news stories of the week. Then, Mike Calvo talks with Jamie Pauls about Apple’s new iPad.


Facebook alters privacy policy: Is your personal data now ‘fair game’?

Thank you, Facebook: A way to demote annoying ‘friends’ on the sly

ACLU: Employers demanding Facebook passwords is privacy invasion

What Happens to My Gmail Account When I Die?


New Internet Explorer will come in two flavors

Building a ‘Blind-Friendly’ Internet


Microsoft patent points to head-mounted, laser-based display technology

Blizzard ‘looking into’ World of Warcraft on iPhone

More moms turn to video games to relax


Is NVDA Strictly a Web Accessibility Screen Reader?

Windows 8 Narrator overview

 VoiceOver features in iOS 6: a pronunciation editor

VoiceOver features in iOS 6: Reference apps and a new reading mode for HTML content

iOS VoiceOver Gesture, Keyboard & Braille Shortcuts | AxS Lab

Audacity 2.0 Guide

Opportunity lost with Nokia Maps audio direction

$300 Refreshable Braille Display


A T Guys has released a free iOS app for BlindBargains. An Android app is also out.
 Blind Bargains: Audio: A Makeover for Accessible Event


The New iPad is Hot. Literally

iPads keep charging for “up to” an hour after display shows 100%

iOS 5.1 code hints new iPhone could have 4G LTE


Sweden Moving Towards Cashless Economy

 Zach Thibodeaux, 9-Year-Old Boy, Gets Guide Dog Before Going Blind – The Huffington Post


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