SeroTalk Podcast 98: TripleSpectives

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 98: TripleSpectives

This week, while Ricky and Joe are off to CSUN, Jamie Pauls, Buddy Brannan and Lisa Salinger discuss the news of the week. Here are the stories they discuss:



Five ways Google’s unified privacy policy affects you


iPad Rumor Roundup

Apple sends out invites for March 7 iPad event

iPad 3 rumor roundup

Apple iPad 3: What to expect

The curious case of the missing iPad 3 home button

iPad 3: Apple’s Biggest Test


QRead: The Accessible eText reader from the future!

Window-Eyes and Windows 8 Presentation now available online

Listen to SPN coverage and Blind Bargains coverage on iBlink Radio.

App will help blind, visually impaired navigate streets

Blind Bargains: IPPLEX Rleases LookTel Recognizer Ap for iOS

Blind Bargains: Code Factory Announces Braille Support for Android with Mobile Accessibility V1.9

Blind Bargains: Free Mobile Accessibility App Now Available for Sprint, Boost, Virgin Mobile

Introducing ChromeVox (with audio description) – YouTube

Just Another Checkbox by Mike Calvo

Windows 8 Roundup

It’s Windows 8 download day: Here’s what we know

Windows 8 beta folds in 100,000 code changes (live blog)

Windows 8 Beta: Hands-on with Microsoft’s tablet-friendly OS

Is Microsoft hoping for the best but preparing for the worst with Windows 8?

Is Windows too expensive?



Apple reportedly cooking up new audio file format


General Tech

Verizon to offer shared family data plan by midyear



Nascar driver tweets during race, adds 130,000 followers

Blind attorney teaches self-defense and overcomes fear

Playing Video Games Can Help Improve Your Vision



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