SeroSpectives: This Year in Tech for 2011

Listen to SeroSpectives: This Year in Tech for 2011

What delights the senses more than leftover fruitcake, is more exciting than freezing in Times Square, and will change your life more than another batch of New Year’s resolutions? It’s This Year in Technology. Come join our guests: J.J. Meddaugh of Blind Bargains fame, as well as Joe Steinkamp and Jamie Pauls from Serotek, as they count down the top ten technology-related events that shaped 2011, and reveal their choice for Number One!



show notes page from TMIAT Jan 2011


Zoom Reader

Hope for Pandora

NVDA needs your help to continue on

Kindle for PC


Show notes page for Feb TMIAT

The Cobra Screen Reader emerges



Show notes for March TMIAT

ATT to buy T Mobile

Mobile Accessibility for Android released

Launch of Android

Horizons for the Blind and A T Guys Join Forces to Launch Cutting Edge Product Information using Bar Codes



Here are some additional technology Top Ten Lists for your enjoyment.

The most popular stories of 2011 from Ars Technica

Mashable’s Top Ten iOS apps of 2011

ZDNet’s Top 10 Security Stories in 2011

8 Jokes, Memes and Parady Accounts of 2011

The best and worst of Sci Fi TV in 2011



Show notes for TMIT

Mozilla launches the Aurora Channel for new Accessibility features



Show Notes for May TMIAT

Microsoft dials up Skype

DocuScan Plus launches for the Mac

Bureau of Engraving launches money reader app for iOS

Chromium OS has built in screen reader



show notes for June TMIAT

Here come the Chromebooks



Show notes for July TMIT

code Factory releases the Accessible Browser and Music Player for Android

The BookSense 2.3 update includes Voice Recognition

Blio for iOS released

NVDA gets grant from Mozilla

Apple unleashes a Lion to the Mac App Store

Google Labs shutting down



Show notes for July TIMT

Steve Jobs Resigns

Google Plus Keyboard Accessibility

ACB/Google Survey on computer usage

Nuance acquires Loquendo



Show Notes for September TMIAT

Microsoft talks Windows 8

Facebook launches major redesign


Here is a list of the Top Five things that Serotek has done this past year.

5 DocuScan Plus launches for the Mac

4 iBlink Radio for Android makes Apple Vis Hall of fame

3 SAM Vets Program

2 The launch of SPN, new shows and some guy as a new host of a little old show called SeroTalk

1 The community! It sounds silly but its true. Either you guys passing around the April Fool’s GTO Notetaker announcement, the 13 days of Christmas with matt and the Guide Dogs or the wonderful way people tell other people about our convention coverage or the Rose Bowl parade. The community is at the heart of it all and we sincerely thank all of you!



Show notes for October TMIAT

Tribute to Steve Jobs

Siri and the iPhone 4s

Kindle Fire, down in flames!



Show notes for November TMIAT

OCR add on for NVDA

Robot Guide Dogs?

Google releases Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich



AT&T withdraws bid for T Mobile

GW Skype


Top Ten list

10 Chrome OS includes ChromeVox ScreenReader
9 Ipplex Releases $1.99 LookTel Money Reader for iOS Devices

8 Google unleashes Android Ice Cream Sandwich with Explore by Touch and other accessibility improvements

7 NFB Blind Driver Challenge
6 GW Skype Released, controversy abounds over ads in software

5 Steve Jobs dies
4 Code Factory Releases Mobile Accessibility for Android
3 Apple to launch iPhone 4S simultaneously with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint
2 Demise of Qwitter accessible Twitter client, replacements emerge
1 Amazon Kindle Fire released, completely inaccessible


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