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Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 80: FaceFlix


In SeroTalk podcast 80, Mike calvo joins Michael Lauf, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp to talk about the week’s top story – the passing of Steve Jobs. Later in the show, Michael Ricky and Joe cover the top news stories, and we then play a segment from the SeroTalk Podcast network’s newest show, Triple-click Home.

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Here are the stories we discussed.


Rest In Peace Steve Jobs


TWiT Live Specials 95: Tribute And Remembrance Of Steve Jobs…

Steve Jobs narrates never-aired ‘Think Different’ commercial


Steve Jobs’ “How To Live Before You Die” talk at Stanford in 2005 from TED


Great CNET TV video by Brian Cooley on highlights of Steve Jobs: A life in technology:


To share your thoughts, memories, and condolences for Steve Jobs, please email


Read Mike Calvo’s blog post thanking Steve Jobs.


Read Ricky Enger’s blog post remembering Steve Jobs.


We play several audio clips from users sharing their feelings on what Steve Jobs meant to them.


Michael, Joe and Ricky go in to this week’s top news stories.


Apple video of iPhone 4S keynote: Requires Quicktime Player


Video demoing Siri Voice Assistant


4 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 4S


New AppleCare+ extended warranty covers accidents


AFB AccessWorld now has its own app


Google to the rescue: Productivity comes to the Mac


Fired Up About Kindle Fire


Kindle Fire: Down in Flames! a discussion of Kindle accessibility


Everyone has the right to access knowledge and information




Now available on the Kindle store: and Coming soon to iBooks

Cloudy With A Chance of Profits:  By Mike Calvo


Quick Start Guide to Marketing Your Kindle eBooks Like a Pro


How To Self-Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore




Making Digital Content Accessible for All with DAISY Pipeline 2 Version 1.0


AT&T Offers Free Version of Mobile Accessibility to its Android Users


HIMS Inc releases 2.3 firmware for BookSense


Five podcasts about setting up and using the NVDA screen reader


Essential Podcasting Tips


Self Promotion


This Month in Access Tech: September 2011, Thursday, October 6 Via Accessible Event


End of Line, Episode 2: I’m The Best at Space


Mail Bag:


This week’s email comes to us from Michael Evers, who says:



     On the Serotalk Podcast for October  4, 2011, it was said that the telephone keypad was not accessible  with the most recent Skype update using the iPhone  4.  I installed the latest Skype  update on my iPhone  4, and with a little playing around, I  was able to make a call.  It seems as though the 1 touch typing mode doesn’t  work on the dial pad and so you have to tap twice on the dial pad in order for it to work.  So tell the listeners to try that first and see if that will work for them.  Hope this  helps. 




Accessible Gaming Resources:

Accessible gaming | Media Access Australia

Spoonbill Software

Links to Accessible Games


Facebook to remove Discussions tab from Pages


Comments on proposed DOT airline web and kiosk rule due November 25


E-voting machines vulnerable to remote vote changing


Cell networks hold customer data ‘for years’ for law enforcement use


Verizon sues to halt FCC net neutrality rules


Time Warner joins other ISPs in delivering closed captioned streaming movies


Make money online by selling pirated content? These sites do


Tripple-click Home: Episode 0

Join Jeff Bishop, Buddy Brannan and Peter Bossley for a preview of the newest show on the SeroTalk Podcast Network, entitled Triple-click Home



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