SeroTalk Podcast 79:: What’s Up Happy Rants

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 79: What’s Up Happy Rants

Mike Calvo joins us to debate on Amazon’s soon to be released Kindle products, in particular, the Kindle Fire, which appears to be totally inaccessible.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch

Amazon’s Silk Web browser adds new twist to old idea

13 reasons you might NOT want to buy a Kindle Fire

Kindle keyboard rebranded version of the Kindle 3 with text-to-speech for $99

Michael, Ricky and Joe get down to the top news stories for the week:

Google+ Traffic Jumps 13-Fold After Opening to the Public

Google’s Accessibility Update webinar on YouTube

ChromeVox User Guide

Logging out of Facebook is not enough to keep them from tracking and Watching your every move

How Recent Changes in Facebook Impacts People with Disabilities

How to hide the Facebook ticker

Facebook isn’t going to charge users and says it never will

LookTel Releases Money Reader 2.0: reads Canadian and Australian Dollars, British Pounds and Euros

Apple rejected over “multi-touch” trademark application

Skype for iPhone & Skype for iPad Updates Deliver Anti-Shake Technology & Bluetooth Connectivity

Problems with new Skype for iPhone/iPad? delete, re-install the app from the App Store

Problems with new Skype for iPhone/iPad? delete, re-install the app from the App Store

Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update is officially launched, still Inaccessible

Accessibility features in Windows 8

True or False? 10 Tweaks to Speed Up Your Windows Boot Time Part 2

Firefox 7 is released with new accessibility features

Pandora rolls out HTML5 redesign to everyone, drops 40 hour listening cap

Review of new Yahoo! Mail web application

Ai Squared now selling a new handheld video magnifier for $695 called the i-loview

PenFriend and Touch Memo: A Comparison of Labeling Tools

Hadley School for the Blind Opens Enrollment for Forsythe Center for Entrepreneurship

Chicago Lighthouse and Best Buy Are Bringing Assistive Technology to the Public

Olympus LS-7 and LS-10 Digital Recorders for the Visually Impaired

CNN: Haptic device gives blind a helping hand

NCD hosts virtual job fair on October 4

Information on your legal rights for voting if you are blind or visually impaired

Security guard ejects woman from Social Security office because she has a guide dog

UK researchers are studying link between blindness and depression

Learn a few party tricks including how to remember names and hangover myths

Cases for the MacBook Air: Blog Post and Audio by Mike Calvo

Finally, congratulations to blind musician Rory Hoffman, on 3 tracks of the new Hank Williams the third album

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