SeroTalk Podcast 72 – What Can I do for You Lately?

In Podcast 72, Michael Lauf, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp cover a wide variety of stories.

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Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 72 – What Can I Do for You Lately?

Learn more about the stories of personal interest to you with these links:

National Association of Guide Dog Users (NAGDU) LAUNCHES INNOVATIVE HOTLINE Toll-Free 888-624-3841

Deborah Kendrick first-person account of using audio description at a Broadway show

CNet: Thinking of ditching Netflix after the price hikes? Here are 7 alternatives

BetaNews: Nearly 60% of Netflix customers plan to close their accounts

ITVulnerability: Massive sentence for Wi-Fi hacking neighbor

cnet: Law-enforcement agencies ready facial recognition

lifehacker: “Now you can do group chat and one-on-one video calling via Skype in Facebook” unless of course you are blind

cnet: How to back up your hosted WordPress site

mashbusiness: Email overload? The problem of inbox chaos isn’t about technology or web culture. It’s your fault

EasyChirp: Twitter under investigation by the FTC for closing the door on developers

cnet: Know someone just starting to use Twitter? Here’s a great tutorial

Qwitter FAQ explaining dm and sent item status

HIMS Announces first Voice Recognition DAISY Player! Download the FREE firmware upgrade

codefactory released 2 standalone accessible apps for Android: Web Browser & Music Player

codefactory: Mobile Accessibility’s Web Browser for only 19.99 US Dollars! Get it now through the Android Market

Levelstar Announces Orion 18, an Android Based Smartbook to be Released in Q4 2011 somewhere under $4,000

lifehacker: Our look at Dropbox vs. four alternatives

Ninite Updater auto update 92 apps for $24.95 without browser toolbars or junkware

filehippo: Firefox 5.0.1

filehippo: Winamp 5.621

filehippo: Realtek High Definition Audio 2.63 Win7/Vista

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NASA: “A New Lunar Book” for the Visually Impaired – Braille labels provided by Serotek’s Buddy Brannan

Awesome Tech Chat 108: Damon Rose, Steve Nutt and Darragh Ó Héiligh Discuss the Top Access Tech Stories for June 2011

Another Accessibility Slap In The Face

W3C Chastises Apple On HTML5 Patenting

yahooaccess: What is Quicknav Mode in VoiceOver screen reader for the Mac and how to use it

RicksterTheGeek: A complete fix for the VMWare Fusion sound delay. I just tested and it works

David Woodbridge: My 100 or so favorite iPhone apps

AppleInsider: Inside Apple’s iOS 5: Assistive Touch allows accessible gesture commands

MacStoriesNet: iOS 5 Beta 3 Features New Accessibility Panel with Gesture Controls

arstechnica: AT&T reveals first two 4G LTE devices, but neither are phones

CNet: AT&T revamps global data plans, more than doubles data allowance

lifehacker: Get out of your Verizon contract without getting hit with that nasty early termination fee

BetaNews: Skype brings video calling to select Android phones

ITVulnerability: New Android Market Brings Movie Rentals & Book Sales

lifehacker: Google Voice can now automatically filter out any spammy calls, without you having to lift a finger

lifehacker: Interested in Google’s Chromebooks Use our guide to turn your netbook into one

BetaNews: Google Docs emerging as a phishing platform

Direct link to GMail basic HTML view

lifehacker: Remember to read your credit card agreements! Many contain free perks you may already be paying for

lifehacker: Many auto insurance companies will also give you free renter’s insurance if you ask

NFB_voice: Two blind students filed suit against Florida State University for discrimination

Unemployment Reaches Record High For People with Disabilities

A must read if you’re looking for a job, or know someone who is

Info about ADA, HIPAA, accessibility

fredshead: Virtual Cane: SONAR Helps Visually Impaired See Up To 10 Meters

slashdot: Wearable Computers and Portable Power

slashdot: Bionic Body Parts For the Disabled

ITVulnerability: The Love Equation: How Calculates Your Ideal Mate

Finally, Ricky Enger reviews the recently released

Blio Reader for iDevices


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