SeroTalk Podcast 70: Sell a Kidney

In SeroTalk Podcast 70, we are joined by Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell to discuss the launch of the accessible

Samsung ChromeBook White – $499 from

Learn more from TheChromeSource WebSite –

In Tech news, Michael Lauf, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp discuss:

Microsoft demonstrates Windows 8 with HTML5 apps

20 year-old mechanic Aaron Prevost, blind since birth, gets to race a Porsch

TED talks a car for the vision impaired

St. Louis Society for the Blind creates video DVD about blind men and women who lead active, productive lives

Sheila Drummond honored, believed to be the first totally blind female golfer to land a hole-in-one

Blind photographer continues her craft, despite the challenges

Blind actress discusses her challenges: strong language!

HIMS releases version 6 of firmware for Braille Sense and Voice Sense

Accessible Twitter” is now “Easy Chirp

Wells Fargo to pay up to $16 million for Web, TTY accessibility violations of ADA

Federal law preempts blind flyers’ claims over airport kiosks

On Line guide for Sight village 2011

ACB 2011 Conference and Convention Information

NFB National Convention 2011

How can the blind identify money? Curtis Chong tells us how

Tech Chat 105: Improve the Quality of Your sleep, and Possibly Make Money at the Same Time

Tech Chat 103 on camping, biking, hiking, fishing and boating

US ‘federal government 2.0’ ditches BlackBerry, embraces Apple iPads

iPhone 4 Unlocked for $649

VizWiz Brings Sighted Assistance to the Blind

Deborah Kendrick Book Review: Getting Started with the iPhone by Anna Dresner and Dean Martineau

Apple Reverses Course On In-App Subscriptions

iCloud Communications sues: Apple saying they infringed on their trademark

iOS5: List of Most Major New Features for iPhone and iPad

iOS 5 imposes minor feature limitations on iPhone 3GS

How to set custom vibration alerts on iOS 5

Bill introduced in US Senate to enforce mobile privacy laws on Apple and Google

DCPS agrees to reinstate and pay $450k to two fired blind teachers

Teen sells kidney to buy iPad 2

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