Shh! The Cat’s away. Let’s play with DocuScan Plus!

It’s Cinco de Mayo, and our CEO just dashed out the door, frantically mumbling something about margaritas. The Serotek team got together and decided that if the CEO was celebrating, we should all follow his lead. To that end, we’ve decided to reset all trials of DocuScan Plus, giving you 7 extra days to play. If you have ever had a trial of DocuScan Plus, you’ll be able to log in with your account credentials and try out the program again. And if you haven’t tried DocuScan Plus, then now is the perfect time to start with a 7 day free trial of the cross platform phenomenon. That’s right! Windows or Mac, it is time to have a blast with DocuScan Plus. Just don’t tell the boss our little secret, okay?

If you have other Serotek software installed, just choose DocuScan Plus from the System Access menu to get started. If you still have the app on your Mac, launch it and your trial will begin again. If you’re using DocuScan Plus as a standalone product on Windows,

just log in with your account credentials at
If you’ve never had a DocuScan Plus trial before, you can

visit to create your account and get started.

If you’re on the Mac, don’t forget to [grab the app from the
Mac App Store.

The Serotek Team

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