april 9 Tech chat 96: 2011 Beep Baseball season

Glenview Il, April 6, 2011 – The 2011 Beep Baseball season is now upon us and the National Beep Baseball Association will be the focus of Serotalk Tech Chat 96 on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 3:00 PM Eastern Via Accessible Event.com .

What is Beep Baseball
Beep Baseball is an adapted version of the national pastime. The game is modified with the use of a ball and bases that beep. The ball emits a rapid beep where the bases sound a buzz so they can be distinguished from each other.
Each team has six players, who are always blind folded so that the playing field remains level. Each team also has its own pitcher and catcher. The object is to maximize the opportunities of putting the ball in play.
Once the ball is hit by the batter who also is blind-folded, the batters goal is to reach either of the two bases before the ball is fielded by the opposing team. The bases are 100 feet from home plate down the first and third base lines.
If the batter reaches the base without being put-out, then their team is awarded a run, but if the ball is fielded by the opposing team then the batter is out. Their are six innings in a game and three outs per inning. Each batter is given four strikes and one pass ball.
Join three members of the National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA)
” Eric Mazariegos, a member of the West Coast Dawgs and an All Star MVP both defensively and offensively
” Kevin Barrett, historian and curator of the Hall of Fame of Beep baseball and 2nd Vice President for Public Relations
” Stephen Guerra NBBA Secretary and the Beep Baseball Guy
on Tech Chat 96: Beep Baseball in 2011, April 9 at 3PM Eastern Via Accessible Event.

About the NBBA
The National Beep Baseball Association

is a registered 501(C) 3 organization providing the opportunity of beep baseball World wide. Since its inception in 1976, beep baseball has been played locally, nationally and internationally in countries such as Italy, France, Japan, China etc. As of the 2011 season, The NBBA has currently nineteen teams registered from the United States and China.
The 2011 Beep Baseball World Series is being held in Indianapolis Indiana during the week of July 31 through august 7th. The World series is being hosted by

Indianapolis Parks and Recreation

held at Geiss Park in Indianapolis. More information can be found on The

NBBA 2011 World Series Page

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