SeroTalk Podcast 63: Do You Eat Like I Do?

In Podcast 63,

Mike Calvo Demos 6 Portable Bluetooth and Wired speakers Sold by

Scott Rutkowski demonstrates

iVote, allowing Australians to vote via the phone or internet.

Ricky Enger, Joe Steinkamp and Michael Lauf discuss:

iPad2 review by Walt Mossberg

Apple TV updated to stream live MLB & NBA games, and offer 5.1 sound with Netflix

iOS 4.3 VoiceOver changes

Apple releases iTunes 10.21 and updates Java for Mac OS X

Ipplex Releases $1.99 LookTel Money Reader for iOS Devices

New iPhone app Called Light Detector is a light probe

If you Can’t Beat them, convert them! Adobe releases Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool to support Apple’s iOS

New backdoor Mac OS X Trojan surfaces

Apple negotiating for repeat downloads of iTunes music purchases

Apple exploring system for educating students with disabilities

Tech Chat 92: Randy Rusnak, Steve Sawczyn and Robert Carter on A T News for February 2011

Accessible Event Tech Chat 93: Android and Mobile Accessibility from CodeFactory

Press Release from Code Factory: Mobile Accessibility for Android is released

Android Overtakes BlackBerry As the Top U.S. Smartphone Platform

most popular Android phones according to Mobile Accessibility beta testers

J.J. Meddaugh Launches with Accessible Android Apps

Going beyond note takers. Levelstar Announces the Orion Smartbook based on Android

How to remove 50+ Android apps found with privacy-breaching malware

Code Factory PC software to make Digital Television Accessible

See and hear the first $345 talking calculator from Sharp in1976

NVDA 2011.1 released

NVDA is SourceForge’s project of the month for March

Computers catching up to Captcha

New $100,000 device gives sight to the sightless

AFB seeks your feedback on accessible bank sites

Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 anb Vista, but not XP, Released March 14

How to fix a failing Windows 7 SP1 install

Netflix Wants all Their Streaming video accessible to the deaf

FCC Text Document on Proposed DVS for US TV

FCC seeks comment on Using Skype and AppleFaceTime for Video Relay Services

5 Free Tools For Creating a Screencast

Department of Labor Web toolkit for federal agencies to increase employment of people with disabilities

White House internship experience from a disabled person’s perspective

Watch NFB Blind Driver Challenge segment that aired on the TodayShow via MSNBC

Video of Riding in the Google Car That Drives Itself

10 question survey by students designing a more appealing talking watch

Diabetic Man Wakes Up to Find Dog Ate 3 of His Toes

Study shows Technology May Inhibit Good Sleep

Dining in the Dark: Do You Eat Like I Do?

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