SeroTalk Podcast 61: Useless Piece of Plastic

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 61: Useless Piece of Plastic

In Podcast 61, Michael Lauf and Ricky cover a nunber of news stories:

Tech Chat 89: Latest with Bookshare and Initiatives from Jim Fruchterman

Tech Chat 88: with Rodney and Erin Edgar from Tech Access Weekly: This Month in Access Technology for January 2011

SeroTalk Tech Chat 87 on 2011 ATIA Highlights with Brad Hodges, Dean Martineau, larry Lewis and Joe Steinkamp

First Ten SeroTalk Interviews from ATIA 2011

Four atia11 Interviews with Handy Tech North America, Dolphin Computer Access, Dancing Dots and Baum

Four atia11 Multi-Product Vendors: LS&S Group, APH, Perkins Products and EnableMart

Final Seven ATIA 2011 Interviews

Listen to the great atia 2011 Interviews from BlindBargains

Latest iBlink Radio 2.03 includes ability to submit crash reports

Evaluation of DocuScan Plus: A Read Anywhere Program, by Deborah Kendrick – AccessWorld – February 2011

Pay with your Phone? Near Field Communications: a technology primer

Notable decline of identity fraud

FTC asked to investigate kids and in-app purchases

European publishers call out Apple over in-app subscriptions

2011 conference schedule for assistive technology events

NFB driving challenge press conference

Blind Bargains Guide to Attending csun 11 on a Budget

CSUN Tweetup

Using Twitter to help you find that next job

A T Guys Now Offering Like-new classic Perkins Braille Writers with 1 Year Warranty for $299

Colorado researchers begin study of accessible appliances

NVDA 2011.1beta2 released

Window-Eyes 7.5 Beta 1 Now Available

Google brings mostly accessible speaking, listening Translate app to iPhone

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 released. Accessible MSI installer for Windows

4 versions of Firefox in 2011

Windows 7 SP1 coming Feb 22, new Windows Thin PC coming Q1

Manufacturers get Windows 7 service pack

Open Letter To PC Makers: Ditch The Bloatware

Nokia Partners with Microsoft to use Windows Phone 7

No mention of accessibility in latest Kindle update v3.1! Email

Full help including keyboard commands for the Accessible Kindle PC app

Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin

Amazon expected to roll out Netflix-like streaming service soon

Apple wants a cut of Amazon and Sony e-book sales

Call 415-986-7057 and express your concerns about lack of accessibility in the dropbox app for the Mac.
Inaccessible iPad newsstand “The Daily” finally makes debut at 99 cents per week

BBC releases iPlayer app for the UK only

Skype 5.0 for Mac released with UI tweaks

Useful tips for using Skype 5.x with screen readers

Apple’s Accessibility guide for Mac applications

Submit your feedback encouraging accessibility for Documents2Go Office suite on iDevices

Apple releases iTunes 10.1.2 with fixes and support for Verizon iPhone

Verizon iPhone Review by Peter bossley

Apple relaxing repair policy for iPods with triggered liquid sensors

Looking for a free audio converter for the Mac? Try Max

Download Chess-wise, Checker-wise, Draughts-wise and Xiangqi-wise games, accessible with Voiceover

Verizon will penalize data speeds for heaviest users

Verizon quietly begins throttling data

AT&T announces plan with unlimited voice calls to any mobile number

Lawsuit accuses AT&T of overcharging iPhone, iPad customers for data use

AT&T to expand tethering data cap to 4GB for $45 per month

Free service on mobile devices to be free no more

What to expect inside the iPhone 5

Apple now manufacturing next-gen iPads

Apple rumored to hold “small event” in March to usher in new iPad

Apple granted patent where carriers bid for iPhone service

Moscone event calendar suggests Apple may hold WWDC 2011 June 5-9

10 Cases Compatible With the Verizon iPhone

Extra stories not mentioned in the podcast:

13 reasons why software is not free

73% of organizations hacked in the last 2 years

Tips and Accessible Resources to Buying Food Online

Stop Internet Explorer from bleeding Windows memory

StuartLawler posts The First produced Blackberry and Oratio tutorial

More VoiceOver Tutorials from David Woodbridge from Vision Australia


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