SeroTalk Podcast 57 – Latest A T News for December 20, 2010

In Podcast 57, Michael Lauf, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp discuss:

Listen to Second Annual SAMNet Member Holiday Concert

Serotek and SeroTalk are giving away 3 gift cards for the holidays

U.S. Congress Passes S.841, the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act

Excellent List for State resources and blindness and vision rehab services

Blind musician resurrects his recording business with new digital gear

12 things you should know as a music producer

Economist Interview with Oliver Sacks, facing his own vision loss issues

MPAA tells universities: curb piracy or lose federal funding

Colleges Lock Out Blind Students Online

ACB’s comments to FCC on access to wireless devices

Ray Kurzweil interviewed about Blio by CBC News

Users can now read full Kindle books online

RS Games Testing Online Accessible Yahtzee

Memberships to All inPlay available for slightly more than half price until Dec. 31

Internet Explorer 9 will feature “do not track” functionality

Australian government gives thumbs down to PDF documents

New British Standard: Web Accessibility Code of Practice, BS 8878:2010

AeroFS: a Dropbox alternative for people to store their own data

Serotek blog Post: Crowdsourcing as a software development tool

Text of Speech by Mike Calvo: Lack of Sight Doesn’t Mean Lack of Vision

Job listings now available on NFB Newsline

Scott White and Stephen Tompkins Share 4 New Services from NFB Newsline in Tech Chat 81

Consumer Reports readers rank AT&T worst carrier in US

Verizon to launch LTE 4G capable Apple iPhone after Christmas

Review of Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Mac

iPad 2 coming in April 2011

Apple issues Apple TV update to resolve resolution and download issues

Update to MacBook Air firmware to address display

Apple rolling out 90-second iTunes song previews

Apple adds special education section to App Store: 80 apps for disability & special needs

Google launches eBookstore with your choice of inaccessible devices

Google unveils Cr-48, Their first Innaccessible Chrome OS laptop

Google beefs up voice search with personal recognition

Blind people express strong disappointment in Android Gingerbread accessibility progress

No accessibility progress in Android 2.3? @GoogleAccess is silent, we want answers

Sex blindness? It’s real

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 57: Latest A T News for December 20, 2010


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