SeroTalk Podcast 56: Latest Access and Tech News as of December 6, 2010

In Podcast 56, Michael Lauf and Ricky enger discuss the following stories:

Give the Gift of Accessibility Anywhere this Holiday Season With Serotek Gift Cards

Serotek announces Release of DocuScan Plus

Tech Chat 79 with Deanne Chapman for Dog Owners: Rescues, Abuses, Diet, Obedience, poddy training & Grooming

Four boys locked in dormitory room die at South African school for the blind

Comedian creates jokes about his blindness

FDA approval now sought for stem cell research for dry macular degeneration

Project Prakash at MIT asks the question Can a blind brain learn to see, even later in life?

A Look Into the Future of Speech Recognition from AT&T Labs

Self driving cars one step closer to reality

Put in your two cents as to what should be included for the blind in the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act

FCC sets schedule for new rules under new accessibility law

U.S. Federal Trade Commission wants “do not track” button on your browser, pronto!

Canadian court rules Federal Government has 15 months to make its websites more accessible to blind

Fill out the third WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey

APH offers free downloadable editions of Reader’s Digest and Newsweek to eligible readers

RFBD offers free software player for its books for both pc and Mac

Terry Hayes Sales, who recorded more than 900 books for the blind, dies at 94

Microsoft touchscreen patent to bring Braille to tablets

Experimental program for blind users of win7 touch screens based on @seeingwithsound

Download Free Office 2010, 2007 and 2003 Training Courses in PowerPoint Format

Code Factory Releases Mobile Speak 4.60 for Symbian, Adds Support for Ovi Maps

Verizon 4G LTE: $80 for 10GB of data

Current Android accessibility limitations – New Spiel screenreader faq

iOS 4.3 rumored to offer in-app subscriptions

RTF of VoiceOver getting started for new users

iPhone 4 manual RTF

Apple’s Diverse Learners RTF

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Bonus stories not covered in the podcast:

VHA Section 508 office publishes web based course on producing accessible flash

Joomla Web Accessibility Group

Cisco Academy for the Visually Impaired Announces 2011 Courses Beginning in February


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