SeroTalk Podcast 50 – $39 Fully Accessible Cell Phone, oMoby Photo Identification for the iPhone, and Accessible Online Uno

In SeroTalk Podcast 50, Michael Lauf, Ricky enger and Joe Steinkamp discussed the following stories:
Class Action by Disabled Employees Against the Social Security Administration Goes Forward

O’Reilly Ebook Bundles Include 800 Accessible DAISY titles

Half of Amazon Kindle Best Sellers Aren’t Enabled with Text-to-Speech

Smart Scanner $1.99 OCR iPhone App

Google Instant Predictions From A to Z – but A Isn’t for Accessibility

Apple iOS 4.1 with Vo Bluetooth Keyboard Commands and Proximity sensor fixes

Google Chrome Version 6 Arrives on Browser’s Second Birthday

Firefox 3.6.9 fixes numerous security issues, while 4.0 Beta 5 Breaks Accessibility

Qwitter 4.11: Replacement filters, Audio Tweet Playback, Volume Control, Dolphin Support, Bing and News Searches

September issue of AccessWorld from AFB includes articles on HD radio and appliance reviews

Top Web scams of the decade

How to Talk and Discuss Accessibility with Vendors

Accessible DVDs for Sale by the Media Access Group

We offer three product reviews:
Ricky Enger reviews oMoby Photo Identification App for the iPhone
Michael Barber Reviews the Samsung Haven Fully Talking Cell Phone for $39 with 2 Year Verizon Contract
Luis Arellano Demos Accessible Online Uno from RS Games

We celebrate our 50th podcast with a few Past audio highlights.

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 50: $39 Fully Accessible Cell Phone, oMoby Photo Identification for the iPhone, Accessible Online Uno, and Past Podcast Highlights


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