Serotek Host’s AFB Experts for Mobile Phone Accessibility Webinar

Through sept. 30, 2010, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is inviting the public to weigh in on the current experience in finding and using mobile phones that are accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. To promote a broad response from our community in building a clear public record of the challenges in mobile phone access that persist, Serotek, the Accessibility Anywhere people, hosted an interactive webinar and podcast, on September 2.
SeroTalk hosts Michael Lauf and Joe Steinkamp  welcomed AFB’s Paul Schroeder, Vice President, Programs and Policy, and Darren Burton, National Technology Associate, to discuss current access challenges, to help you best respond to the FCC’s invitation to tell your story.

For further information, contact:
Mark Richert, Esq. Director, Public Policy, AFB 202-822-0833.

View Tech Chat 67 – Submitting Comments to the FCC on Cell Phone Accessibility Via Accessible Event

MP3 of Tech chat 67 – Submitting comments to the FCC on Cell Phone Accessibility


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