SeroTalk Podcast 45 for July 5, 2010

Podcast 45: what’s new at this year’s NFB Convention in Dallas Texas.

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Michael Lauf and Ricky enger cover the folowing stories:

SeroTalk welcomes Joe Steinkamp to the Serotek team

Hulu Plus to Deliver Shows to iOS 4 for $9.95 per month

Liam Erven asks Mobile tv to make their iOS4 app accessible

Mobile Speak 4.5 for Symbian

Verizon iPhone to Become a Reality in 2011

Nokia N8 to be the Last N-Series Smartphone Based on Symbian

iPhone/iPod Touch voice commands list and cheat sheets

Video Demo and Description of SayTextOCR App for the iPhone

Chase Customers Can Now Deposit Checks via iPhone

Sendero Accessible Talking Maps for Windows Released: $78, $188 or $398

Blio Reader for the iPhone and iPad by August?

500 jobs for people with disabilities, unless you are blind!

MIT Researchers Developing Smartphone App for 2-Minute Eye

Stevie Wonder says, Make It Accessible!

H.R.3101 Passes Through House Subcommittee, two Items Removed

New Law Will Make Cruise Ships and Ferries More Accessible

WordPress Now Lets You Phone in Your Blog Posts to blogs

Google Launches Real-Time Blogger Stats

Judge Allows Massive P2P Law Suits, up to 5,000 at one time

Ten Fun iPod Speakers for Listening in Style

New Network Design Could Make the Internet 100 Times Faster

Infected legitimate websites outscore adult 99 to 1

Verizon testing next-gen 10Gbps FiOS

How to Help New Users Stay Engaged on Twitter

Google Rolling Out Music Service

Google Voice Now Available to Everyone in the USA

Podcast on installing, configuring, and using Miranda IM

Useful Podcasts on Using iOS4 from Liams Land

Watch the Awesome Blind Driver Challenge video!


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