Victor Reader Stream and SAMNet Content from Serotek

Join an Accessible Event online webinar sponsored by Serotek this Thursday July 1. The event will be hosted by Michael Lauf of Serotek and Gerry Chevalier from HumanWare. Participants will learn about the wealth of content available through Serotek’s System Access Mobile Network (SAMNet) and how you can easily transfer that content directly to your Victor Reader Stream. Learn how to download described movies, podcasts, and even NLS books to your Stream all within the easy to use SAMNet interface. Whatever content you find on SAMNet is loaded directly to the appropriate bookshelf on your Stream. No need to download first to your computer or unzip files, or create folders on the Stream. SAMNet does it all for you.
 In addition to SAMNet, HumanWare will also present other information for Stream users:
Victor Reader Stream Documentation

Stream FAQ, comprehensive knowledge base for Stream users

Where to find content on the Internet to play on your Stream

HumanWare Companion

the new Stream SoftPak

Click here: July 1 at 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific, or Friday, 02 July 0100 Universal.

You will be prompted to enter your name in the edit box. Type your name and then activate the “go” button. You will then be placed in the Accessible Event online room where you can fully participate in the webinar. You will hear the presenters and can read or navigate any documents displayed by the presenters in your web browser just as you would navigate a web page. You will hear a tone indicating when the presenter brings up another slide or document page. To ask a question, activate the “ask a question” button on the top of the event page. You will then be presented with an edit box, in which you may type your question. When done, select “send” and the presenter will be notified that there is a question and who asked that question. Once the presenter accepts your question, you and all other attendees will be able to read the question in your browser window.  If you are unable to join the live presentation, it will be recorded and you can download it later from this page.

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