SeroTalk Podcast 43 for June 7, 2010

In Podcast 43, Michael Lauf and Ricky Enger cover the latest announcements about the new iPhone 4 hardware, to be available on June 24 in the USA; and the new iPhone and iPod Touch software update now called iOS4, to be released June 21; plus many other interesting stories.

Full 90 Minute interview with Apple’s Steve Jobs at D8 now available

AT&T updates iPhone upgrade dates for more customers

Skype for iPhone Now Supports 3G Calling

Apple Rejects Apps That Look Like, or Use the term desktop

Apple’s supply of Mac minis dwindle ahead of new models

6 iPad VoiceOver demos available

AT&T’s new $325 early termination fee

AT&T’s Plan for Data Congestion? Free Wi-Fi

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of AT&T’s New Pricing Plan: What it Means

Apple market cap tops Microsoft, is now world’s largest tech company

And because there’s more than just Apple, here’s the rest of the news!

UC Irvine Researchers Create a #retina from Human Embryonic Stem Cells

KNFB Reader 6.4 Free Upgrade: Speaks Colors, glare detection, tilt feedback, export text to notes

Victor Reader Stream 3.2 and Companion 3.2 with DOC to HTML and PDF to TXT

Download Free Internet Broadcasting Tutorial in Either MP3 or DAISY Format

Vinux 3.0, Based on Ubuntu 10.04 Released

64-Bit Drivers for Both the Triple-Talk USB and DecTalk USB

Download RamMap for Memory Management in Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008

FTC slaps keylogger spyware vendor on the wrist

David Pogue Review of Office 2010

101 Tips for Homeschoolers

VIPRE Antivirus for the Mac

Two Tech doctor Podcasts compare Microsoft Windows 7 and Apple’s snowLeopard Operating systems

A guide to Facebook’s new privacy controls

Your Phone Could Be the Key to Your Next Hotel Room

Google Chrome Operating System to Launch in autumn 2010

Google Chrome 5 for Windows, Mac and Linux, but Are They Accessible?

Dell announces the Streak, a 5-inch Android-based iPad competitor

Finally, Michael Lauf speaks with Scott Rutkowski using Skype on the 3G network, so you can hear the quality of calls now possible with version 2.0 for the iPhone.

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 43 – iPhone 4 Hardware, iOS 4 Software, and Tech News Galore!


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