Podcast 39, 6 Cents from Mike, Michael and Ricky, iTunes 9, and 12 New SA Voices

SeroTalk Podcast 39 discussed many things including:

CSUN Audio Interviews from the NFB

iPhone 4.0 Multitasking Explained

Thorough Review of the iPad from Ars Technica

Tech Doctor Podcast and blog from Robert Carter and Jenny Axler

XP Mode for Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate 32 and 64 bit

Classic Shell 1.91 Awesome XP Start Menu for Windows 7 and Vista

Classic Menu for Office2007 for $29.95

Talks 5 for Symbian Phones Now Available

NVDA 2010.1 Official Release

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.6.3 with Many Fixes

Mainstream Products Making Life Easier for the Elderly and Disabled; Informing Consumers, and Educating Designers & Marketers

Best Buy agrees to install tactile point of sale devices at all U.S. stores

Facebook Wants to Make Another Privacy Change, and You’re Not Gonna Like It!

Unrestricted Access – Technology News, Reviews, Interviews & Advocacy from BlindMind.net

Braille Open API Initiative: BAUM Retec AG, EuroBraille, Handy Tech, HumanWare and Optelec

NC State Research Opens Door To ‘Full Screen’ Braille Displays For The Blind

link that always gets the latest version of Skype, now up to

Crap Cleaner, Referred to as cCleaner, Version 2.30

CDBurnerXP 4.30 Free CD and DVD Burning Software

 Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 39 – iPad 1.0, iPhone 4.0, 6 Cents from Mike, Michael and Ricky, iTunes 9.1 and 12 New System Access Voices

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