SeroTalk Podcast 37 – Tech News, Advocacy, Talking Bible and Transferring Files

In Podcast 37, Michael Lauf, Ricky enger and Mike Calvo spend 50 minutes discussing the latest assistive technology news:

Apple began taking WiFi iPad preorders, shipping April 3

iPad will read books aloud using VoiceOver

MP3 Demos on Using the Macintosh, iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple’s iPhone 4.0 software to deliver multitasking

iPhone OS 4.0 may finally bring multitasking nirvana

New Mac Pros as Early as Tuesday March 16?

Apple Removes Thousands of what They Call Trivial Apps

Importance of the Census to People With Disabilities

U.S. Census Bureau warning of phishing scams, Don’t Respond to Emails

Blind gamer beats Zelda

20 Cooking without Looking TV Shows

New Book: Social Networking and You: Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with System Access

New $379 MSI Wind U160 Netbook Claims 15 Hour Battery Life

Nuance Free PDF Reader Converts PDF Documents to Word, .TXT. .XLS or .RTF formats online, to Complete Forms

APH Book Port Plus Released for $299 until Further Notice

Thorough review of the Book Port Plus

NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket Now Compatible with BookSense and Book Port Plus

Broadcast up to 1600 feet with the Mobile Black Box Eclipse-4000 FM Audio Transmitter

USAJOBS – Federal Hiring Event for People with Disabilities April 26/2010

More Info on Obama Initiative to Hire Persons with Severe Physical, Intellectual, and Psychological Disabilities?

Total Recorder 8.1 Released

New McTwit 2.7 Twitter Client with G U I

Very Comprehensive Help for Using Twitter

Want your Favorite restaurant to have braille menus? Have them contact Horizons for the Blind at 815-444-8800.

Michael Lauf spoke with David Young, who is selling the

Talking Bible handheld audio player pre-loaded with both Old and New Testaments, available in 34 Languages for $74.95

Michael finished by showing how to transfer files, just one of many remote features available to

SAMNet Members.

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 37 – Tech News, Advocacy, Talking bible and Transferring Files


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