Serotek Build A Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Build A Bundle?

A1: Build A Bundle is a new, affordable way for anyone to have access to Serotek’s suite of products and services. With Build A Bundle, access to your Windows-based computers is now even more affordable than ever. No longer will anyone be excluded from the accessible digital lifestyle due to an inability to pay for expensive access technology. Select a combination of System Access screen reader licenses, SAMNet content, and remote access to your home PC, for your specific needs, and at a low monthly price.


Q2: Which products are included in Build A Bundle?

A2: The System Access screen reader, SAMNet, and SAMNet remote access to your home PC are included. Choose from one to five System Access installations, as well as access to the SAMNet interface and content. Need to access your home PC while on the road? You can do that, too.


Q3: Is there a minimum length of time that I must purchase my bundled services?

A3: Bundled services can be purchased on a monthly basis. You are only obligated to the services you choose for the time you have paid. There is no obligation to continue your services for any length of time beyond what you have paid for up front. As with all of our other services, there will be absolutely no refunds for unused time.


Q4: Can I add or subtract services in the middle of a billing cycle?

A4: You may add services to your bundle, and these will be prorated based on the time to your next billing cycle. At the next billing cycle, you will be charged the published cost for additional services. If you remove a service from your bundle, that service removal will not occur until the next billing cycle.


Q5: What are the costs for the Build A Bundle offerings?

A5: Here is a list of Build A Bundle charges:

System Access Seats (Monthly charge):

One seat: $9.95

Two seats: $15.95

Three seats: $19.95

Four seats: $24.95

Five seats: $29.95


System Access Mobile Network: (SAMNet):

SAMNet Content Only (No remote access): $9.95

SAMNet Remote Access (No Content): $9.95

SAMNet, Full Subscription: $14.95


System Access and SAMNet content come with DECTalk speech. Other speech engines are available at an additional cost.



Q6: What if I want additional speech engines or Document Scan? Can I get those in a Build A Bundle?

A6: Neospeech, Eloquence, and Document Scan are only available as one-time purchases. However, once you purchase any of these products, they will always be available to you for all future Serotek products and services. Please note that these one-time purchases only work with Serotek’s System Access, System Access mobile, and System Access Mobile Network and cannot be used with other non-Serotek products.


Q7: Can I install System Access onto a U3 smart drive with Build A Bundle?

A7: If you sign up for at least one System Access seat, you may set up a U3 smart drive. Please note that only one U3 smart drive can be active per account. Also, a seat can be used on either a computer or a U3 smart drive but not both at once.


Q8: I am already a Serotek customer. Can I build a bundle?

A8: Most Serotek customers can bundle additional services on top of existing products. For instance, someone who owns System Access can add remote access to his/her account, or an extra System Access license on a monthly basis. Similarly, a SAMNet only subscriber can bundle a System Access license on a monthly basis. Please see the next question for Software As a Service subscribers.


Q9: I am subscribed to Serotek’s Software As a Service. Can I build a bundle?

A9: Subscribers to the SAAS No Strings plan ($39.95/month) may change to a Serotek Build A Bundle at any time. However, it should be understood that in doing so, access to Neospeech and Eloquence synthesizers will be lost, unless subsequently purchased with the new bundle. SAAS subscribers in a 48-month contract ($24.95/month) may not change to Build A Bundle services.


Q10: What is the $25 activation fee?

A10: The activation fee is a one-time fee to start your bundled service. It will not be charged to you more than once, and if you build a bundle now, then cancel and come back and reactivate your service, you will not be charged this fee again.


Q11: I don’t understand how this works. Can someone walk me through building my bundle?

A11: In order to keep your costs as low as possible, Build A Bundle is strictly a self-service offering. Unfortunately, our customer service and support representatives are unable to assist you in building your bundle. All the information you will need to make your Build A Bundle purchase is contained in this document. If you are encountering problems with the Build A Bundle process, please

Write to

with a detailed explanation of the problem.


Q12: I’m ready to begin building a bundle.  What do I do?

A12: If you have an existing Serotek account, please log in to

with your credentials, or launch the installed software on your computer.  Once the software is running and you have logged in with your credentials, you may access the “my account” section by pressing the modifier key and the letter f, followed by the letter a.  Note that the modifier key can be caps lock, insert, numpad 0, or scroll lock.  From the “my account” section, choose the “Build a Bundle” option and follow the prompts.


Q13: I do not currently have a System Access to Go account.  What do I do?

A13: To create your System Access to Go account, begin by closing any open screen access software.  Press windows key+r to bring up the run dialog on your computer.  Type

and press enter.  Follow the spoken prompts until you reach the login screen for System Access to Go.  Once there, press the tab key until you reach the “create a free sAToGo account” button.  Follow the prompts to create your account.  Once your account has been created, follow the steps outlined in answer 12 in this FAQ to begin building your bundle.


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