Tech Chat 41 – Assembling a Portable Computer, Screen Reader and Reading Solution for Under $1,000

While some companies would like you to believe you need to spend thousands of dollars to use the internet and scan and read documents, Tech Chat 41 showed you how to put together a system with more power, more features, more storage, lite weight, user friendly and battery powered for up to 7 hours; all for between $750 and $1,000.
We covered off-the-shelf and non-proprietary netbooks, USB scanners and affordable optical character recognition software. So whether you are paying out of your own pocket and need to shop wisely, or simply want to tell your purchasing agency how to more efficiently use their limmited financial resources, this is the presentation for you.

View Tech Chat 41 – Portable and Affordable computer and Scanning Solutions.

Listen to MP3 of Tech Chat 41 – Affordable and Portable Computer Solutions.


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