Why is it that Apple always seems to get to the future first?

In this thought-provoking article, Mike Calvo asks the question:

Why is it that Apple always seems to get to the future first?

I, Michael Lauf, ask why are those who I thought I respected, so negative about technology that puts us on a level playing field with our sighted counterparts. Is it the fear that their jobs will be eliminated when there is no longer a need for overpriced proprietary and substandard “access” technology?” Perhaps they prefer to live in the dark ages, and never use touch screens. Well open your eyes, pund intended, touch screens are here and aren’t going away. Even if this device is not for you, why criticize Apple, who is innovating and trying to improve the quality of life for blind and other disabled individuals, while saving us 70 percent  or more  off the cost of inferior products.  And speaking of 70 percent, has anyone considered that maybe at least part of the reason their is 70 percent unemployment among blind working-age adults, is because 70 percent of people can’t afford this so-called access technology, to learn how to use it, before they can even begin to be employable.

I have a dream, a dream that one day we can have equal access to technology without paying one cent more, or one cent less, than everyone else!

Will the iPhone 3GS be perfect, no!

Will Apple provide upgrades, yes!

Will Software Maintenance Agreements be required, what’s that?

Will we pay more for screen access than sighted persons, hell no!

So continue to live in the dark ages if you must; i Michael Lauf, plan to live in the present, with an eye on the future!



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3 Responses to Why is it that Apple always seems to get to the future first?

  1. jcast says:

    Here here! Well-said!

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  3. dwoodbr says:

    As a person who uses the Mac at home and Mac/Windows at work, if the technology does what you want it to do, go for it. I for one appreciate Apple’s eferts and I will be certainly at least give the iPhone a go: who wouldn’t with a bult-in screen reader. If it doesn’t work, then so be it, but you never know til you try.

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