Digital Servants – Using Our computers and Devices to Be Independent

Listen to Digital Servants – Devices Helping Us To Live Independently

FredsHead Companion Buying Food Online

Amazon Grocery Special Offers Compare Prices for Groceries Locally, Find Recipes and Nutritional Information

Bachelor Cooking Made Easy

Finding Accessible Nutritional Information Destination Rx – cut costs for prescription medicine Electronic Coupons Available for Use In Online Shopping Sites – Phone codes to Talk to A Real Person and Bypassing Being Put On Hold

Online Banking, Is It Right for Me?

Tracking EBay Auctions Using RSS

Internet Discount Codes Available Through Many Shopping Sites

Two sites to Refine eBay Searches and Be Notified when a product you want Becomes Available on eBay – Create an RSS Feed to Any Web Page to Be Notified When it Has Changed

Use RSS Feeds to Track Products On Amazon


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2 Responses to Digital Servants – Using Our computers and Devices to Be Independent

  1. Outstanding podcast with excellent show notes. Appreciate all the great information.

  2. gamera42 says:

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    Last, just to clear up confusion, the little gizmo you can get for most of the Keurig machines that’ll hold your own coffee grounds is called the My K-Cup. I say this because the pre-filled plastic cups you put into the machine are also called a K-Cup.

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