SeroTalk Podcast #5 on Portable Devices

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast #5 Covering Portable Devices – Jan. 08, 2009 – 35 Minutes

We unvailed the latest creation from Serotek, we call the Socializer.
SAM Net users can now communicate with family, friends, fellow-students, coworkers and anyone using Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, yahoo Messenger, Twitter and Facebook. Users can also have both text chats and voice chats with fellow-SAM Net users. It also includes what we call “SAM Net Buzz” which allows Serotek staff to communicate with members in real time.
Mike Calvo compared the top two audio docking stations from Kicker and Bose.
Kicker iKICK iK500

Bose SoundDock® for iPod®

We covered cell phones using both Windows Mobile and Symbian systems.
Mike Aarigo discussed his use of the latest two accessible cell phone GPS products.

WayFinder Access GPS software for Symbian phones

Mobile Geo GPS from Code Factory for Windows-based phones

Persons shared what cell phones, MP3 players and Netbooks they use.

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