First Serotalk Podcast

Listen to the first SeroTalk podcast, announcing System Access 3.0 – November 13, 2008 – 68 minutes

Give a listen to our first entry in to the wonderful world of podcasting. Meet most of the Serotek staff including Mike Calvo, Ricky Enger, Matt Campbell, Richard Wells, Raymond Bishop, Brian Kevelighan and Michael Lauf.

We discuss ten new and exciting features of System Access 3.0 including: 64–bit support, simplified user menus, awesome voice chat technology, support for

FireFox Web Browser Version 3.0.4

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 Beta II

ALVA BC640 Braille display

iTunes 8.01

AllInPlay Poker, Crazy eights, Texas Hold’em and Anagram word game

automatic updates and auto-repair, more-responsive Neospeech voices, offline document scan and 75% more efficient


We also discuss the variety of new

economical and powerful Netbook computers.

E-mail with comments and suggestions which may be read during the next podcast. 

E-mail with suggestions for educational segments or with useful resources.

We also hope you will call our toll-free number (866) 997–BLAB 2522. Leave a voicemail with your thoughts. We will play selected voicemails, and read selected e-mails during each podcast, as we are all about interaction.

Mike Calvo, ricky Enger and Michael Lauf will also be posting to this blog. We hope you will sign up and provide feedback to our rants.

Paste the following url in to your podcatcher 

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