SPN Special: 2013 Convention Special Number 1

Listen to SPN Special: 2013 Summer Convention Number 1

Welcome to the first of five specials from both the 2013 National Federation of The Blind convention from not so sunny Orlando, and the American Council For The blind Convention from ruckus Columbus Ohio. This year we have an all star cast with Jamie, Ricky and Joe, joined by our production team, Derek and Patrick, who were temporarily liberated from their audio dungeons for this event. Together, along with our sponsor HIMS Inc, we bring you the most audio coverage we have ever released in the history of SeroTalk for a single event. We hope you enjoy this and the other four specials to come. And be sure to visit the links below to learn more information about those we spoke to at the Summer conventions.

Dolphin Computer Access


Capti Voice Web Reader

31 Gifts

Lutheran Braille Workers


Deque Systems

Project Ray

School of Technology for the Blind

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