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For the past six years, Tim Emmons has served as a Readers’ Adviser and BARD Technical support person for the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for the state of Alabama. He says, “If it’s Assistive tech, it flashes, hums, beeps, blinks, or does anything cool I’ve got my fingers in it as much as possible.”

He is married with two dogs, three cats, and is a huge lover of books, music, and coffee. You can contact Tim via email or twitter.

Ana G (better known as Access Ana of the Accessible Android blog) and cohost of That Android Show has

been involved in teaching for eighteen years. For five years, she worked

for various post secondary institutions as a tutor, offering support to

both individuals and groups. Since then, she has worked off and on as an

English instructor at several community colleges and at her local state

university. You may contact her via email.

Allison Hartley, formerly Allison Mervis, is a Rehabilitation Counselor working for the state of California. She enjoys working with a variety of technologies, and has conducted individual and group training. She loves to sing a variety of music, which you can find at her website. You can also follow her on Twitter or send her email.


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