Coming Soon: This Year In Assistive Technology for 2011

What delights the senses more than leftover fruitcake, is more exciting than freezing in Times Square, and will change your life more than another batch of New Year’s resolutions? It’s This Year in Technology. Come join our guests: J.J. Meddaugh of Blind Bargains fame, as well as Joe Steinkamp and Jamie Pauls from Serotek, as they count down the top ten technology-related events that shaped 2011, and reveal their choice for Number One! We hope you’ll join us live on Thursday January 5 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern

To join the event when it begins, go to

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2 Responses to Coming Soon: This Year In Assistive Technology for 2011

  1. Carlos Alonso says:

    Hello, I’ve been following your content for a few months (iBlink, various podcasts) and have been meaning to comment. First off I’d like to thank you profusely for, well, being out there. The company I work for states in its mission statement that it strives to be a company that society wants for it to exist – – The visually impaired should all be very grateful that you do what you do for us. In this new era where technology is allowing us great avenues for communication and awareness you guys are making a great impact to our lives. I mean this sincerely. All your products and content is cutting edge and timely and raise the bar for competing providers. Mike is a visionary that just gets it and I wish you great success with all your endeavors. I lost my residual sight a couple of years ago and am very glad to have found content such as yours that helps keep me informed, entertained, motivated and sometimes inspired. Thank you again.

  2. Max Swanson says:

    I second Carlos’ observations regarding Serotech and a few other innovators out there; still salivating, however, to hear what I thought was the podscast: “Coming soon, Technology in 2012.” Of course it was the review of 2011 that took place last night, and it will probably be up soon.

    What then will be the hot stories in 2012? Wil be see a flood of Android talkers with and withoug 20 cells of braille? How will they each stand out, and will they nickel and dime us to death?

    Can’t pick a numero uno for 2011, unless it’s all the specialized apps in IOS5; but that’s kind of like “Time” calling The Protester person of the year.

    Afraid we’re destined for a shakeout in our little space for 2012, and few price drops.

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