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This Month In AT October Edition


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This month, Lisa Salinger is joined by Wade Wingler of Easter Seals Crossroads and the Indata Project, Jamie Pauls of the SeroTalk podcast, and Jeff Bishop of the Triple-click Home podcast which will air on the SeroTalk Podcast Network this month. Here are the top stories from October 2011 that our guests will be discussing.


Out and About


7 Tech Breakthroughs That Empower People With Disabilities:

The Top Dumbest Reasons For Not Teaching Braille:

Accessible Taxis Would Lead To Injuries, Lawsuits, Mayor Says



Social Security recipients in US will get raise in January, 1st increase in benefits since 2009 – @AP

Cloudy With A Chance of Profits: By Mike Calvo



Kindle Fire: Down in Flames! a discussion of Kindle accessibility

The #ACB denounces the inaccessible Kindle Fire


Assistive Technology

JAWS 13 has been officially released!

An Immersion into JAWS for Windows 12 Textbook is now available 

Download Cathy Anne Murtha’s Windows 7 textbooks free of charge:”

NVDA 2011.3beta1 released!

Five podcasts about setting up and using the NVDA screen reader


Mobile Phones That Are Not Apple

Nokia Screen Reader is based on @codefactory technology. Screenshots

RT @codefactory: Ice cream sandwich for Android is out! We are already working on its support with MA. Very exciting!

To learn more about Ice Cream Sandwich, That Android Show Episode 2 Released


BrailleType helps visually impaired to type in Braille on Android phones:


Steve Jobs’ “How To Live Before You Die” talk at Stanford in 2005 from TED

A Review of the Steve Jobbs Biography

iPhone User Guide for iOS 5 from the iBooks Store:

New VoiceOver Features in iOS 5 | AxS Lab

Siri, Seriously: 10 Ways We’re Really Using Apple’s Voice Assistant [POLL]

AppleTV Software 4.4 Includes VoiceOver Enhancements

Apple releases Lion 10.7.2 with iCloud Support


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