SeroTalk Podcast 82: Embosser in the Bathroom

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 82: Embosser in The Bathroom


This week, Jamie Pauls, Ricky Enger, and Joe Steinkamp discuss this week’s top news stories. Then, in part three of our Mac Book Air series, Jamie visits  with Mike Calvo about an affordable option for            adding an external drive to the Air, and several options for powering your computer while on the road.



30 Awesome new features in Android 4.0, ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’  


Samsung Galaxy Nexus details: A secret no more


Google Working To Launch Music Store Soon


New Text-to-Speech API for Chrome extensions



Platform Vs Platform

iOS 5 has great features, but they’re nothing Android users can’t get too. Here’s how:

Which is the better default mobile browser: Safari or Android?


LibreOffice gaining momentum, heading to Android, iOS, and the Web



Head To Head: Siri Vs. Google Voice Actions




Siri ported to an iPhone 4, old phone learns a new trick


iPhone 4S First Weekend Sales Top Four Million:


Voiceover bugs in iOS 5   


Papa Sangre: Hello — we are currently working out with Apple just what’s up with iOS 5 and audio. We’re on it.


Apple Still Working on Allowing Merging of Apple IDs


AppleTV Software 4.4 Includes VoiceOver Enhancements


Dropbox rival touts 50GB free cloud storage for iOS fans



Apple Resources

iPhone User Guide for iOS 5 from the iBooks Store


New In IOS 5: Fine-Tuning The Notifications Center


How to update Twitter or Facebook with Siri




The iConstitution: how to protect user freedom in an app store world


Smartphone Web browsers could become major attack vector, security researchers warn





The ACB denounces the inaccessible Kindle Fire


Congress, wary of Amazon’s Silk browser, demands answers on privacy


Kindle Keyboard Version 3.3 Overview


Amazon Rewrites the Rules of Book Publishing



General Tech

RIM unveils new BlackBerry operating system


Microsoft works to win desktop users over to the Start screen


Skype is now officially part of Microsoft technology




JAWS Skype scripts for Skype 5.6 and JAWS 13 beta posted, rev 689. Includes help for script translators.


JAWS scripts for the Sam Encoders have been updated. Get them here.


NVDA 2011.3beta1 released!




DOJ Supports Disability Advocates In Taxi Accessibility Lawsuit


Social Security recipients in US will get raise in January, 1st increase in benefits since 2009


Blindness doesn’t stop teacher


7 Tech Breakthroughs That Empower People With Disabilities


Toilet paper dispenser prints your Tweets


Sponsored In Part by Vanda Pharmaceuticals: Improve Your Sleep Quality and Possibly Make Money at the Same Time

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