SeroTalk Podcast 81: AO Hoo?

SeroTalk Podcast 81: AO Hoo?


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This week, Jamie Pauls, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp discuss top news stories. Then, Pete Bossley of the Triple-click Home podcast gives us a quick demonstration of the Siri personal assistant on the iPhone 4S. Finally, Jamie interviews Willie Hoos of Vanda Pharmaceuticals. In addition to the interview, we link to part 2 of a 5-part series on non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder published in the Matilda Ziegler magazine.


Here are the news stories we discussed this week.




BBC News – What are key features of iOS 5?


iOS 5 upgraders are reporting installation problems:


The release of iOS 5 almost broke the internet


Got the new iOS5 for iPhone? We’ll walk you through how to set up the new features in minutes:


iOS 5 has built-in text expansion! Here’s how to set it up and a bunch of phrases that’ll save you lots of time:


New VoiceOver Features in iOS 5 | AxS Lab


What’s new in iOS 5 for the iPhone by Scott Davert, Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults


Five annoying things about iOS 5 | iPhone Atlas – CNET Reviews –


iFixit iPhone 4S teardown confirms 512MB RAM, updated baseband


Will Your iPhone 4S Work in an iPhone 4 Case? Probably


VO and Siri iPhone 4s manual


Apple releases new store into iTunes for buying Text and Alert tones


Apple releases Lion 10.7.2 with iCloud Support


Apple releases iTunes 10.5 with iTunes in the Cloud, WiFi sync support


iWork for iOS Gets Updated With iCloud Support


What you gain and lose by transitioning from MobileMe to iCloud


Sponsored In Part by Vanda Pharmaceuticals: Improve Your Sleep Quality and Possibly Make Money at the Same Time




BlackBerry outages spread throughout the world


US senators propose bill to require ‘accurate 4G information for consumers’


Yes, you can ditch your text messaging plan to avoid SMS fees. But there are going to be some challenges and catches:



Facebook: the Law Says You Can’t Have Your Data


Symantec fixes Norton update that blocked Facebook | InSecurity Complex – CNET News


The Virus Infecting the U.S. Drone Fleet Came from Mafia Wars  




Large-scale spam campaign uses compromised webmail accounts and WordPress sites


How to Make Your Google Accounts More Secure


Watch out for a phony Netflix Android app that steals account data


General Tech


Netflix Kills Qwikster


AOL’s chief executive is reportedly making a pitch to sell the company to Yahoo:


Amazon Pushes For National Internet Sales Tax




Ubuntu Linux 11.10 is out with some improvements to the previous version. Take a look at the biggest changes: -…


So Long and Thanks For All The Fish, Vinux Developer Ends His Run /


EPUB 3 Becomes a Recommended Specification


Listen to the new uk-based AccessTalk podcast


Tablet app brings new touch to Braille



Putting Emails In Folders Is a Waste of Time, Says IBM Study


Teacher Union Tries To Block Online Courses


Teenager who is Blind throws out the 1st pitch at the NLCS and gets it right over the plate:


Revolutionary New Brain Chip Allows Monkeys To Grasp AND Feel Objects Using Their Thoughts


Six Reasons We Have Bad Dreams




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  1. Anthony Vece says:

    Hi Everyone;

    I would like to welcome Jamie to the podcast.
    He has long been an advocate of accessibility and, he will fit in well.

    Thank you everyone for all the tips and tricks concerning IOS5. They were very helpful.

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting to hear the next podcast.

    Thanks Again


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