SeroTalk Tech Chat 87: 2011 ATIA Highlights

Brad Hodges with

American Foundation for the Blind

Larry Lewis with

Flying Blind, LLC

Dean Martineau with

Top Dot Enterprises: Home for the Invaluable Weekly Top Tech Tidbits

Joe Steinkamp and Michael Lauf discuss 2011 ATIA highlights
Some of the items covered include:

Braille Pen


Open Braille Initiative

Blind driver to debut new technologies at Daytona

Ai Squared – ZoomReader for iPhone

Bookshare Read2Go

The BookShare Developer Network

Optelec – ClearReader

GW Micro – Window Eyes 7.5

Cobra Screen Reader by Baum

The Braille box $12,995 Embosser from Index braille

New Hims Website

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