SeroTalk Podcast 59: Is Fluffy Ok?

In podcast 59, Michael Lauf, Ricky enger and Joe Steinkamp cover the following stories:

iPhone officially launched on Verizon Wireless, For sale Feb. 3 for Verizon customers, Feb. 10 for everyone else

$199 for 16GB and $299 32GB
WIFI HotSpot for up to 5 devices, limit 5Gb per month, for an additional $30 per month.
Verizon iPhone to use existing plans, similar to AT

Differences between Verizon and AT&T’s iPhone networks

AT&T and Apple will now both sell Apple’s iPhone 3GS for $49

Non-exclusive Apple-Verizon deal could allow iPhone on Sprint and T-Mobile

Why you should wait 6 months and not buy the Verizon iPhone 4

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SeroTalk Tech Chat 85: Exercise for Better Health and Quality of Life

2010 SeroTalk Outtakes

Video of stock car racing for the blind

UMass Scientist Helps Design System to Guide Blind Visitors inside Unfamiliar Buildings

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo uses text to speech in announcing 2011 performer line up

GEICO commercial using RealSpeak Daniel

iSonic, an electronic cane for the visually impaired

Social Security Information Systems Near Collapse

California Police can search cell phones without warrants

Review of the audio game Papa Sangre

Playing in the Dark Presents Top Speed 3 Music Site with 75 Million songs and Music Videos, in 26 languages

Exploit now, pay later”: music labels finally pay Canadian artists

U.S. Supreme Court says online music price-fixing lawsuit can proceed

software Called Hope, Expands Accessibility to Pandora for Windows for only $10

Congrats to Qwitter: Best Use of an API: Mashable Awards 2010

Balabolka Text-To-Speech app supporting DOC, EPUB, HTML, PDF and RTF

Nominations Open for 4th Annual Blind Bargains Access Awards

Nolan Darilek’s new on-screen keyboard Called TouchType for Android

James Gashel Responds to Blio Article, Gives Update

RAND Corporation to Offer 15,000 Publications through Bookshare

NFB Access Technology Blog At CES

The Dice talking HD radio has been discontinued with a new unit to be built plus possibly an accessible sattelite radio.
Got2b Voice solution for Blackberry and Android phones, issue commands and hear responses without touching, or having to see, the device.
UK-based Ocean Blue software set-top box spoken output and non visual interfaces (including menus and electronic program guides.
Brad Hodges reviews a few washers, dryers, ovens and refridgerators for accessibility

Window-Eyes Upgrades from Older Versions for $499, $699 with Full SMA

Orca Screen Reader for Linux v2.91.5 released

Donna Jodhan sues the Canadian federal government because she was unable to apply online for a government job.

Drupal 7 released with added accessibility support and over 75 accessibility improvements

Six free online books about web accessibility

The New Mac App Store, It’s Great!

Opposing View: Why the Mac App Store Kind of Sucks!

How to Find the app you’re looking for in the Mac App Store, search by extension

AppFresh searches your computer and can Install updates from Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and More

Apple Education offering free online accessibility webinar for educators

VLC for iOS vanishes from App Store 2 months after debut

Microsoft Disputes Apple’s App Store Trademark

New Apple patent for network booting could lead to cloud-based Mac OS X

Apple launches Support Profile’ site to let users check warranty info

PBS for iPhone streams public-TV shows for free

Garmin Brings Turn-by-Turn Navigation to iPhone with New $39.95 StreetPilot App

Is it ok to pay more for VoiceOver access, even if its only 99 cents?

Article details creating applications for iOS Devices

Invisible Phone Guard protects your iOS devices from scratches

Bryan Smart’s VoxKeys Version 1.2 adds keyboard functionality to Garage Band and Other Mac Apps

iRig Mic: The first handheld microphone for your iPhone, iPod and iPad

Bill Allows Sightless To Hunt With Lasers in Louisiana

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