SeroTalk Tech Chat 79: A Must Listen for Owners and Lovers of dogs

If you think one person can’t make a difference, think again!

Meet Deanne Chapman: Dog Rescuer, Advocate, and Dogs Best Friend!

Deanne’s passion for dogs is infectious, will warm your heart, and her stories of the abuses of dogs will leave you both angry and saddened.

please listen and learn from this 47 minute interview recorded on Friday, November 19, 2010. Just some of the things we discussed include:

How Facebook helps dog rescuers save the lives of thousands of dogs, why we have so many unwanted dogs in the USA, and what we can do to reduce these numbers
things people should keep in mind when choosing a pet
terrible things put in popular dog foods, the best dog foods, and healthy people food for dogs
people who say it’s just a dog, raise money for neglected children,
rescuing a dog from a shelter, and then getting it to a good home,
horiffic ways dogs are killed with heart sticks and gas chambers,
some of the most severe forms of dog abuses,
some potential diseases or other problems you can have when adopting from a local shelter,
why you should adopt instead of buying from a breeder,

tips for obedience, and to help anew dog adjust to your home,
What we should do to protect ourselves when encountering a potentially hostile dog,
tips for poddy training dogs,
valuable things learned by watching the dog whisperer,
how much money should one set aside to properly take possession of, and care for a new dog,
helping those with more than one pet to have all animals get along,
removing all dead hair and general grooming techniques,
looking for, and determineing potential problems with skin, bones and muscles,
protecting your dogs from being lost or stolen,
deciding when it’s time a dog must be euthinized for health-related issues
what to keep in mind if never owning a dog before,

plus other important information you won’t want to miss.

Out of the 135 podcasts I have put together in the last two years, interviewing Deanne has been my favorite thus far. And while some think she’s just a little bit crazy, I think she is awesome, and I am proud to call her my good friend/!

Michael lauf

Listen to Dog Rescues, Abuses, Diet, Obedience, Grooming and More with Deanne Chapman – 47 Minutes



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