Serotek Debuts Accessible Event Hotspot at ATIA 2010

Serotek today unveiled its newest product, the AE HotSpot, at the 2010 ATIA conference in Orlando, FL. This revolutionary appliance, based on the same technology as Serotek’s Web-based Accessible Event service, gives people with disabilities access to classroom presentations, seminars, and other events. For the first time, people who have hearing or visual impairments can take full advantage of all aspects of any online or on-site event/presentation.

By leveraging our Accessible Event platform and secure wireless networking technology, Serotek’s AE HotSpot appliance allows event participants with disabilities to access slides, Excel spreadsheets, Web pages, and Word documents using their own wireless-enabled computers and access technology in real time. With the AE HotSpot, an event can be accessed from the Internet if the event coordinator wishes, but an Internet connection is not necessary for on-site participants to have full access to the event. That’s because the AE HotSpot appliance is a completely independent WiFi access point. This allows the event coordinator and/or presenter to decide what content will and will not be available to the attendees. The self-contained nature of this appliance enables a closed, secure Intranet environment, regardless of whether Internet connectivity is available. However, where Internet connectivity is available, the event coordinator can configure the AE HotSpot appliance to provide wireless Internet access as well as access to the event. The AE HotSpot can also record all event content and publish it on a web site or intranet with no need to install additional software on the target server. This enables anyone to deploy an accessible recording of an event, even if they don’t subscribe to the Web-based Accessible Event service.

Serotek will release the AE HotSpot soon. Learn more about the AE HotSpot by watching this accessible presentation.

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