Serotek Announces Build A Bundle – Computer Access for Less Than a Meal!

Serotek Corporation demonstrates its continued commitment to providing accessibility anywhere at an affordable price with its build a bundle offering.  Build A Bundle is an exclusive online offering which allows an individual to customize a package of Serotek products and services to specifically meet their financial and technical needs.  With Build A Bundle, customers can choose from Serotek products and services such as the System Access screen reader, SAMNet content, and SAMNet Remote Training and Support.   The package is billed on a monthly basis, and individuals can add or subtract services at any time in order to best suit their particular accessible digital lifestyle.  “We believe that assistive technology should be as easily attainable by a consumer as a phone line or cable service,”, said Mike Calvo, CEO.  “Now, with Build a Bundle, consumers can have accessibility on the go for less than the cost of a meal.”


Build A Bundle is available to Serotek customers who wish to add to their existing package, as well as to those who currently have no Serotek products or services.  The default synthesizer for the Build a Bundle offering is the DECTalk TTS engine, and Neospeech and Eloquence synthesizers are available as one-time purchases which will remain a part of your account from the purchase point forward.  For a limited time, Serotek is offering the Eloquence TTS engine for free with any Build a Bundle purchase.  For those who don’t currently wish to purchase a Build a Bundle package but would like to use the Eloquence TTS engine with Serotek’s free System Access to Go service, Eloquence may be purchased for $40, a portion of which will be donated to the Accessibility is a Right (AIR) Foundation.


Building a bundle is easy.  Existing customers may log in to their accounts through System Access to Go, or from the Serotek software installed on their computer.  Those who do not currently have an account may create one by launching

and choosing the “create a System Access to Go” account from the login screen.  Once logged on, simply choose the “my account” option by pressing the modifier key plus the letter f, followed by the letter a.  From the “my account” screen, choose the “build a Bundle” option and begin creating your customized package for affordable accessibility anywhere life takes you.


To see a list of frequently asked questions and a price list for Build a Bundle, read the Build a Bundle faq at


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