SeroTalk Podcast 27 – Open Source Software, Computer Back Ups, and Two Blind Pastors

In SeroTalk Podcast 27, Ricky Enger and Michael Lauf talked about Google’s release of the

Android 2.0 Operating System for Cell Phones.

We discussed a review of the

Notorola Droid.

Most exciting, is the inclusion of the free open source 

TalkBack Screen Reader.

Also discussed, was the ability to play WAV, 3GP and MP3 podcasts and stereo audio files on NLS Digital TalkingBook Players by creating a directory on a USB stick called “audio+podcasts”

Apple to launch smaller iPhone to support both Verizon and AT&T in Q3 2010,

and switches to open source Drupal web site creation software.

Michael Lauf reviews

Casper 5.0 Software to Back Up windows Before Its Too Late!

And we finished with an interesting interview with two blind Pastors:

Richard Wells in Simpsonville Texas,

John Dietrich in Arnold California.

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 27 – Open Source Software, Backing Up Windows Before Its Too Late, and Two Blind Pastors.


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