SeroTalk Offers Free Weekly Training Via Accessible Event

In an effort to educate and inform all interested blind and partially sighted persons throughout the world, Serotek is pleased to be relocating our weekly tech chats to our new technology, known as Accessible Event.
Our weekly educational and informational events will be held every Thursday evening at 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, or 6PM Pacific.

October 1st was our first global event. Our presenter was Janelle Schulenberg, Product Manager for Accessible Event. She gave us a demonstration of Accessible Event’s many features including:
real time editing and collaboration on Microsoft Word documents,
Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, web pages, audio chat, showing video, taking text questions from participants, and much more.

Ms. Schulenberg demonstrated how this powerful technology can be used to give full access to college courses, corporate webinars,
product demonstrations, employee training, government communications and more.

Just some of the free presentations we will be offering in 2009 will include: shopping online, finding and procuring employment, improving oral and written communications, fundamental computer skills, using the internet for research, notetaking and study techniques for college students, and more!

We hope you will share these live and on-demand free weekly presentations with all interested persons and organizations.

Listen to MP3 Recording of Tech Chat 35, Our First Using Accessible Event, October 1, 2009.

Listen to and View Tech Chat 35, Our First Using Accessible Event.

Note: use of Accessible Event requires you have Adobe Flash 10.0 installed.

Download Flash Player for Internet Explorer

Download Flash Player for Firefox

For additional tips on getting the most from Accessible Event,
read the Frequently Asked Questions. If you are interested in hosting events, please read the User’s Guide for more information.

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