SeroTalk Podcast 22 – Listening to NFL Games, Building Homes Without Eyesight, and Installing Snow Leopard on the Mac

In podcast 22 for august 31, we show how to listen to any live or past NFL game with System Access and FNL Field Pass.

We speak with Jerry Wheatley from Louisville Kentucky. He builds homes from the ground up without eyesight, sells some of them, and rents ten of them. He explains the steps in building a energy-efficient home, offers tips on paying less taxes, being a good landlord, five ways to buy your first home, and much much more.

Visit to bid on a foreclosed home.

We finish with a demo of how to install the new SnowLeopard operating system from Apple for the Macintosh.

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 22 – Listening to All NFL 2009 season Games, Building Homes From the Ground Up, and Installing SnowLeopard on the Mac.


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