SeroTalk Podcast 20 – TechShare 2009 and 10 Radio Apps for the iPhone

In SeroTalk Podcast 20, Ricky Enger and Michael Lauf began by discussing an e-mail we recieved by  Adaptive Information Systems, Inc. who was upset by our lighthearted mention of their forthcoming Brainport, to give totally blind persons limited vision, as wel as the potential to help people to improve their balance and sleep disorders, plus other potential uses.

Please read the post below for the entire e-mail.
We discussed the Navigon

Mobile Navigator North America $69 GPS Solution for the iPhone for U.S. residents.

We then spoke with Mr. Robin Spinks about the upcoming

TechShare 2009 in London England September 17 and 18.

We finished with a review of
Accessible Radio Apps for the iPhone, Compiled by Holly Anderson.

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 20 – $69 GPS Solution, TechShare 2009 and Ten Accessible Radio Apps for the ipHone


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