SeroTalk Podcast 19 – Seeing With Your Tongue and 5 Product Reviews

IN SeroTalk Podcast 19, Michael Lauf, Ricky enger and Mike Calvo discussed the BrainPort that will allow blind and deaf-blind people to see with their tongue, HumanWare’s giveaway of four BlackBerry Smartphones, GW Micro’s BookSense book player and audio recorder and the 2009 ACB and NFB conventions. Mike Calvo reviewed the MSI WindTop AE1900.

Doug Hunsinger compares the FoxL and Altec Lansing bluetooth speakers, and raps up the podcast with a comparison between the Sangean HDT1 and Sony XDR-F1HD AM-FM– HD tuners.

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 19 – Seeing With Your Tongue Plus Five Product Reviews


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