SeroTalk Podcast 13 – System Access For $299 Through April 30, 2009 Plus A T News

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 13 – A T News, System Access for $299, New Mics and Interview With Michael Lauf

In SeroTalk Podcast Lucky 13, Michael Lauf and Ricky Enger discuss the

Official NLS Braille Audio Reading Download Page Launching april 30.

April 28, is the last day of the NLS download pilot test. The system will be

taken down at the end of the 28Th. It will be replaced on Thursday april 30 by the permanent service Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD).

The BARD system will have no limit on the number of items you can download. NLS asks that you exercise restraint in downloading, especially during the critical first weeks of operation of the new site. There is no need to download more than what you can reasonably consume. The site will be available at all times, and no materials will be removed. Please download only what you need.

Staples to Make Their Stores and Website More Accessible
Staples will be improving its payment service terminals at the in-store point-of-sale with tactile keypads to protect the privacy and security of shoppers with visual impairments. The company will also make improvements to that will let users privately and independently enter their PIN and other confidential information.
Staples stores in Massachusetts will have the new devices by September of this year. All stores in the country are scheduled to have the devices by the middle of next year.
Accessible World Demo of New Features in windows 7
Hear a Demo of New Features In Windows 7 Presented by Rick Harman.

Windows7 by July?

Articles are showing up on the internet stating that the Microsoft
CFO has stated that Windows 7 may be released as early as July 2009.

Purchase Mobile Phone Software IN Installments
Handy Tech North America is trying out a program whereby US residents can pay for mobile phone software in installments, paying a $100 administrative fee in addition to the usual cost for the screen reader or gps program.

HandyTech Mobile Purchase Agreement Page

Mac users Can Now Offer Remote Assistance for Free!
A recent post to the Mac Visionaries e-mail list states that staff are releasing their own software that is used internally for Voiceover assistance to any developer or End-User wishing to do Voiceover Assistance across the Internet. This is not in their repository yet, but copies of the DMG can be retrieved by
E-mailing Alex Jurgensen.

 This marks a turning point in AT assistance. The day has come where we can help each other for free across the world wide web. No fees, just help and accessibility. They will shortly be making official statements regarding this product.
Mike Calvo Demos the Blue Eyeball Webcam with quality Mic.

Michael Lauf demos the Blue Icicle XLR to USB adapter.

Mike Calvo also mentions his purchase of the HP DV2.

Michael lauf speaks with Stephen Guerra from Podcast

And Stephen Guerra interviews Michael lauf on The Guerra Show that airs live Sunday evenings at 9PM Eastern on

ACB Radio


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