Third Podcast Discusses Social Networking – What It Is, and Why We Should

Listen to Dec. 11, 2008 Podcast on Social Networking Via Facebook and Twitter – 40 Minutes
We discussed social networking, finding lost friends, getting the latest information, staying in touch with people you care about, playing games, accessibility and useful third party plugins and software, via the two most popular websites:

OutTwit plugin to send and receive tweets from within Outlook

Twitteroo Stand-alone Windows Application

Serotek offers three discounts during 12 Days of christmas Promotion, from Dec. 13 through Dec. 24.

First-time SA Mobile Network subscribers can get one year of the system
Access Mobile Network for only $99, that’s $30 off the regular price.
Buy SA Mobile to run on two computers and  license to create your own
U3 enabled thumb drive for $499, and get one free year of access to the
SA Mobile Network!
Buy additional System Access machine licenses for $149, $50 off the
regular price.

A petition has been started by George McDermith, askingBraille display manufacturers to base their drivers on the human interface protocol, found on all Windows computers. Such a design philosophy will ensure that users can be certain of having support for their Braille display on any computer, not just one which has been custom-configured for such access, and will eliminate the need to depend on specific screen reader drivers.

Visit petition web page to add your support to this worthy cause.
And Mike Calvo recommends the Radius Atomic Bass earbuds.


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