Real World Fitness: England’s First Blind Fitness Trainer

Listen to Real World Fitness: England’s First Blind Fitness Trainer

The SeroTalk Podcast Network proudly introduces a new member to the SPN family. Here is Bill Kociaba’s debut on the Network:

An Interview With Jaina Mistry

I recently interviewed an extraordinary young lady from the UK. Jaina Mistery began her life as a typical young girl growing up in England. Her life was pretty average until tragedy struck when she was only 17. How she bounced back from that tragedy and what she has accomplished since then makes for one of the most inspirational stories you will ever hear!

Interview highlights:

  • A typical teenager

    • Poor body image

      • How an allergic reaction to penicillin changed her life

        • Steven’s Johnson Disease

          • Her 3 month hospital stay

            • RNIB

              • Complimentary therapies

                • Finding out who her real friends were

                  • 2009, back to the hospital 3 times

                    • Finding a trainer

                      • Not the most cooperative client

                        • Achieving her first fitness goal

                          • Her best birthday present ever

                            • A new friend and new found confidence

                              • National fitness award

                                • Jaina’s Journey

                                  • UK’s first blind female fitness instructor

                                    • Where to next

                                    To learn more about her, stop by her Facebook page,

                                    Also, to learn more about me check out SeroTalk episode 220 or go directly to my website,

                                    If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at kociabafitness (at) Gmail (dot) com

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