Anywhere, Everywhere: That’s Accessibility

Back in February Serotek celebrated its ten-year anniversary. We gathered staff to reflect on their time with the company, and a common thread from the discussion is that today’s landscape looks a lot different from where we were in 2002. That is as true of the assistive technology industry in general as it is of the Serotek environment.


One of the misconceptions about Serotek is that we are a traditional software vendor. that is partially true. Our cloud-based screen reading technology, OCR package, webinar platform and social network are features that have each disrupted the way traditional assistive technology manufacturers meet and mingle with consumers, but for us, it was never enough to drop products into a supply and demand chain to feed our bottom line.


Serotek was launched in response to the elite class system that existed at the outset of the 21st century. If you could spare $1,200 in 2002, you could buy a copy of a screen reader, minus the cost of a software maintenance agreement. If you could fork over almost $1,500 more, you could buy the computer systems that worked best with the expensive screen reader. We rejected the idea that access had to come with a price tag, and we set out to build a line of products that would be equally attainable for all blind people regardless of their income status. It never made sense to us that the only people who could afford to keep their products up-to-date were those with well-paying jobs or active cases with their states’ rehab agencies. Ten years later a number of people continue to agree with us.


Our model of grassroots enterprise has propelled Serotek to a position of leadership in the assistive technology industry. We build products we ourselves use in our personal and professional lives. The fact that the majority of our staff is blind is key in that we know what our customers are looking for and understand what they can reasonably afford.. When we plant new products, we cultivate them with an eye to the community’s reaction, because our community was as responsible for our creation as it continues to be for our mutual success.

Our products are constantly evolving with emerging technology. What is relevant today may be forgotten next week. We count on our examination of breaking developments through our SeroTalk Podcast Network and feedback from you to tell us where we need to pull back and where we need to concentrate our efforts. That is the essence of a community-driven operation.


Today we are excited to see so many choices in how we approach daily tasks. There are several ways to read newspapers, listen to music, chat with friends, and play games alongside our sighted peers. It is now possible to walk into an Apple store and walk out with a fully accessible operating system, and for people who choose not to buy into Apple products, that’s okay because this too is your choice. Now, in a continuing effort to keep pace with the times, we want to give you one more option.


Serotek is a company by the people for the people, and that mentality took us back to the drawing board to think of an even better way to bring you the products you need at a price you can afford.


Consider this: How much will you get for $21.95 these days? Well, you may score a Friday night date to the movie theater if you skip refreshments. You could swing a nice dinner if the restaurant is not too nice and your date agrees to go Dutch. You could maybe buy a gift online for that special occasion, if free shipping is included. These days it seems our transactions are ruled by conditions, but at Serotek, we are going to give you the kitchen sink without sacrifices.


For $21.95 a month, or $240 a year, how would you like all the benefits of DocuScan Plus, System Access, and SAMNet? What would you say if we told you that this incredibly low price will see you through all future upgrades with absolutely no interruption in your service? And, what kind of 21st century operation would we be without these products coming to a mobile device near you?


When we speak of accessibility anywhere, we literally mean it is possible for you to take these tools on the go and have instant access to e-mail, documents, movies, your music library, and social networks from any available computer. Whether from a thumb drive or from the convenience of logging into SA to Go, you have as much access to the information you need as your neighbors. Gone are the days of paying a premium price for access that should by all accounts be affordable to the students, professionals and everyday consumers who demand instant access to online content, where ever they are..


Why step back from conventional pricing structures? Two reasons:


First, your time is valuable. When you call or write, you do not want half a dozen variations. You want a simple price and a compelling list of features to make that price worthwhile.


Second, we want to thank you for making us a leader in assistive technology. With so many choices, you have chosen to invest in our mission of putting cutting edge technology into the hands of as many blind consumers as we can reach. $21.95 a month grants you unlimited access to three competitive products and gives you a stake in the future course of a company devoted to keeping pace with emerging technology. We believe you deserve a permanent place at the table where innovative minds are busy bringing universal access one step closer.


At home, in school, at work, and on the streets, Serotek is working day in and day out to make accessibility anywhere a tangible reality. Will you join our thriving community of thinkers and doers? Visit this link to get started.

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10 Responses to Anywhere, Everywhere: That’s Accessibility

  1. richard brooks says:

    I have already bought my full system accessscreen reader but am paying $14.95 for the mobile network and don’t have docuscan. will the prices for either of those products change as well?

  2. Mark Peveto says:

    Question. I have system access running on both my laptop and my account on the desktop at my house. Under this new plan, Will I still be able to do that?


    I do believe I will try your innovative way of accessing adaptive technology. I have been using JAWS products and Window-Eyes for years, it is time for a change and you present a very good solution.

  4. wayne coles says:

    great products and a very good deal good on you serotek

  5. Dan says:

    Blessed to live in a time of ferment, we see existing companies with different approaches, different strategies to accomplish those approaches, old versus new thinking, and we don’t always see the universal egalitarianism that used to characterize so many subcultures. When ideology confronts pragmatism some people respond with nostalgia for the old days, while other people try to maintain the status quo. My interest in the blindness field and in technology has brought me into contact with people who have embraced an approach which is outside the paradigms I have discussed above. I think that Serotek will be here until the need for it no longer exists. I’m glad to agree with Mike that Serotek is by far not the only company which has recognized the need for this. I would like to thank him here publicly for his commitment to it.

  6. Rebecca Skipper says:

    I applaud Serotek for its innovative solutions! However, how will Serotek deal with Windows 8 which is supposed to be based on a touch screen model. Has Serotek considered providing a plan for institutions who need to provide Assistive Technologies for students with multiple disabilities? Will Serotek consider broadening their audience to include individuals with hearing impairments and learning disabilities? A company who can provide a single tool that fits the needs of an institution’s students is likely to gain even more support from other stakeholders.

  7. jack parrish says:

    i have been a serotek subscriber fore 5 years and i love it.

  8. Rycharde Martindale-Essington says:

    For all that you get, this is an amazing set-up, especially if you are new to Serotek and are wondering whether or not to invest in this. Like many, I am grateful that we have choices available to us now that didn’t exist previously, i.e., the use of multiple screen readers. Let me say this, I wish there had been a Serotek 20 years ago. It would have saved me thousands in costs. $21.95 per month is a steal for what this package offers.

  9. jean Tisdahl says:

    I have had the prevlidge of using Serotek products in the past and upon the purchase of a new computer, I plan to come back. I agree with Mike. technology should not only belong to the rich and famous , but ought to be available to all blind people and Serotek does this better than any other company has ever done it or will ever do it. I can’t wait to come back. Try it for yourself. You will love it love it love it.

  10. Hi

    To what extent can the $21.00 option be used off-line?

    Would System Access still be installable on your PC, and could you make a mobile version using a u3 drive?

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