SeroTalk Podcast 18 From the ACB 2009 Convention

In Podcast 18, Michael lauf begins by talking about the $250 Kicker Speaker system and the MSI WindTop all-in-one computer with 18 inch display and touch screen. We then hear about a proposed system to make currency accessible by marking the top left of the bill, and cutting out a notch at different places to identify the specific denomination.

We then talk about pedestrian safety and accessible pedestrian signals with

Campbell Company.

We hear about the latest products and acquisitions from

Dolphin Access.

We spoke with Jane Karp, Library Program Administrator for the Florida Bureau of Braille and Talkingbook Library Services.Florida residents not in the talkingbook program should call (800) 226–6075. We talked about the rollout of digital players which could take until 2013 for all U.S. residents to receive one. Veterans and those over 100 years of age will be the first. Anyone with any savvy will want to ask for the advanced player.

And we concluded with a presentation by Michael lauf given to (BITS,)

Blind Information Technology specialists.

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 18 Recorded at the 2009 ACB Convention in Orlando Florida


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